Tom Ford, movie director?!


After spending a decade raising the venerable Gucci+YSL fashion houses out of the ashes of overbranding and apathy and while currently enjoying great success from his eponymous fashion line, Tom Ford has decided to venture into a completely different and extremely difficult medium-film.

According to reviews, he’s done an exceptional job at it. Slated to release in December, I’m looking forward to seeing Mr. Ford’s genius translated onto the silver screen in “A Single Man”. Also, I’m pretty much going to guarantee that the costume design is going to be amazing!


trailer: A Single Man by Tom Ford

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Lithuanian supermodel Edita Vilkeviciute and Norwegian (being a little patriotic) photographer Sølve Sundsbø have teamed up for this pretty hot photoshoot.





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I have seen a lot of clever things in my life as a grown man but this beats everything.
Clever, inappropriate, funny as shit, profound, sharp, spot on, art as comedy and vice versa.
Barrack makes magic…… thank you Greg M. for the book and thank you to Jayson Musson for the incredible art.


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