Sketch Snob


I have been called a sketch snob a couple of times,  you know bad sketches is like bad style, no good. So I decided as a treat to share some good sketches whenever I would come across them. Dylan Kawahara is an Artist and a very cool girl from what I can gather on her, she likes Phoenix so she might have to argue with Thomas, she is half Japanese and Half American so she must be a “it girl”…… In anycase she can sketch, and sketch very bien. The Bud can on the desk is a propos too.

Nice One Dylan.


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View from the studio

After months of working on it, the new site is up, Filled with magical surprises that are sure to delight you (just kidding… but no…. really, its pretty awesome) Let us know if you love it, keep your mouth shut if you hate it!… kidding of course.

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I haven’t written anything on the blog for a substantial stretch of time and the reason is that rewarding fashion
subjects have been missing from my life. The month of August is a slow movement in fashion terms, lightly punctuated
by news of September and future events. I’ve been waiting for the specific detail which will keep the story alive but the territory has been seriously lacking in fulfilling editorials, news and style

Check out the Collins watch from the Quiksilver Young Guns collection, We’ve been told its sicker than the swine flu… you can find it at your local surf/skate/snow shop now!

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