Alexa and the NO pant rule


London loves you but please remember Mage design adores you.

A huge, HUGE thank you for looking like a real women and leaving freaking pants for duuudes.

Nice one!!!


the team.









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Things you can see in downtown Los Angeles

Went downtown for the Art Walk last Thursday, here are some highlights:
(Click on the pictures to see them full size)
Crazy Dude Singin’ in the Street
Another Crazy dude dancing with a bird on a stick
Dancing Bird Man
cool lights and a bike
bike lights
walking back to our cars at the end of the night
end of the night
welcome to skid row… my friend Kaycee was lucky enough to find free street parking just down this road and around the corner!
welcome to skid row

*photos by Joseph Armario

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VAEL Project – shoes and bags


Some good looking boots and bags from VAEL Project.

“VAEL is a premium brand based on the freedoms of mobile societies (Gesellschaft).We engineer and manufacture soft goods for the wandering global creative class. Using top-shelf components like Vibram™ soles and US hides, VAEL delivers unparalleled quality and coveted advances in materials and technology. We undertake this design project with commitment to best practices in human rights and ecological sourcing.”

Check out the rest of the Collection here

Picture 3

Ipod Insp5

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