Peugeot SR1 Concept, stepping it up with this new model. The Marque reveals the stylistic design trends for its future models. The concept car embodies the new world of Peugeot, reflected by the new Lion badge which adorns its body.

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not my cup of tea, but you have to appreciate the craftsmanship of mb&f’s hm2-sv. the sapphire lens/plate alone takes 55 hours to produce. only 25 available. start saving your lunch money kids.

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Santa Monica studio


the Mage Design Studio first location in Santa Monica saw a lot of crazy things happening. Here is a nice Bear Sculpture we did back in 2003 outside the back door.

Stay Classy Santa Monica.


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SAAB started as a wing of an aircraft company called Svenska Aeroplan Aktiebolaget – the acronym for which is SAAB.SAAB started life in 1937 and following the end of the second world war, they sought to apply their design and manufacturing capabilities in other areas.  Several avenues were investigated, but the one that was chosen was the automobile sector.
The 1940′s
SAAB split off a small division of engineers and commissioned them to come up with an automotive design. Being experienced with aircraft design, it’s no surprise then that their first vehicle had deep aeronautical roots. The vehicle is known as UrSaab (the original Saab) and its profile has a strong resemblance to the cross section of an aeroplane wing. The car had an exceptionally low drag coefficient, even by modern standards, and the basic design unveiled with UrSaab stayed with the Saab brand from the first production Saabs in 1950 to the final run of the Saab 96 in 1980. UrSaab is now kept on display at the Saab Museum in Trollhattan, Sweden. It still runs and is taken out to stretch its legs from time to time.
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