Dimitri Coste has some “Big Balls”


Our good friend, the Ever Talented Dimitri Coste ( the man behind the Impressive March LA.B photos…) was in action this week-end at the Magny Cours racetrack in France.

Here is Mr Coste own Report:

“I still need to work on my racing gear se up a bit, but my Triumph roarrred to perfection.
besides a lil thrill on the first lap, in the last turn….. I didn’t expect to arrive that fast and that the curve was finally a tight corner.
it was like a rodeo! slidding on the right then on the left then the right…… broke my butée de direction but didn’t crash. ouf.”

Nice One Dimitri !!!!!


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Levi’s thinking about customization


Levi’s hosted a fall 2010 press preview last night, introducing altogether new fits with its upcoming Boyfriend collection for women.

According to creative concept manager Jay Carroll (ex Rogues Gallery), Levi’s is working to make customization options possible in stores, and also wants to begin encouraging customers to create their own designs at home; hence, the paint-splattered jacket.

With that in mind, New Yorkers can look forward to a new retail concept from Levi’s to open in the Meatpacking District later this year.

courtesy WGSN

In the midst of this modern day attitude of d.y.i and everyone’s a designer, its cool to see brands attempting to open avenues of creativity to those who desire to engage on that level.



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Confirmation of Things We Already Knew or A&F General Suspected Douchiness… GSD


The folks at Abercrombie—makers of porn for teens, employers of only pretty folks, and printers of racists tees— are no strangers to controversy. Lines wrapped around blocks seem to suggest these scandals don’t really matter to the tween consumer. The latest chink in their airbrushed, 12-packed armor probably won’t change anything either. Today, the NYT reported that A&F successfully made Corporate Responsibility Magazine’s “black list” of the worst companies in America. The list was compiled based on factors like governance, human rights, corporate transparency, and probably, just a little bit, general suspected douchiness. To see who else made the list, click here.

From GQ Online.


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Aston Martin Gauntlet Concept


Concept design from Ugur Sahin, this is his latest design, the Gauntlet. He blends some of the best designs into a unique package. If you study the images and you might see a bit of One-77 ,along with a dash of DB AR1, or maybe a little DB3S, a car that Ugur mentions specifically as inspiration for the Gauntlet.

A-M_Gauntlet-US_309_1280x960 Continue reading

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Jim Marshall


The 60′s and 70′s will be classically celebrated as the best years in music for decades to come, even possibly forever. For recently passed away photographer, Jim Marshall, his life’s work precisely documented these historical figures at the right time, right place, time after time. I couldn’t even begin to imagine the stories that went along with these photos.


Charles ’62 Atlantic Records Studio


Cash ’69 San Quentin Prison


Hendrix ’67 Monterey Pop Festival

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