MARCH LA.B Process


Producing an high-end  timepiece can be a grueling process, 2 years of work and hard labor. The process is surely not limited to the design and creative aspect, the final product only happens with the dedication of numerous people from engineers, factory manager, seamstresses, prototypist, quality expert, watchmaker….. Myself and “El Presidente” Mr Alain Marhic himself visited Switzerland 2 weeks ago to round up production issues before the summer break and I am always bewildered by the number of person and hands  it takes to make a timepiece happen….

Visiting a factory is a good reminder of the dedication of all those artisans to quality and impeccable production, we are grateful to work with such talented crafstman.

Here are a couple of photos of our trip and of the people and personalities behind the fantastic swiss made label…..


All photos by the ever talented Dimitri Coste…..

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STROKED: A Tribute To ‘Is This It’


In honor of the 10th anniversary of The Strokes’ debut album Is This ItStereogum got some of their favorite artists together to cover each track: Stroked: A Tribute To Is This It. Contributing artists include Peter Bjorn & John, the morning benders, Deradoorian and others, but my favorite track comes from Owen Pallett, who reimagines “Hard To Explain” as a classical piano quintet, dressing up The Strokes’ signature drive with elegant poise fit for a concert hall.

In Pallett’s description of the cover he references an interesting quote from Regina Spektor:

“The thing that blew my mind first hearing the Strokes was that they were the closest I had heard rock come to classical. Their music is extraordinarily orderly and composed.”

Download the entire album here.

Mp3: Owen Pallett – Hard To Explain (The Strokes Cover)

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Make it Hard


“Iconic designer turned artist Helmut Lang shredded 20 years of fashion history for his latest exhibition, repurposing 6,000 garments from his eponymous label into a series of terrestrially textured, stalactite columns that stretch from floor to ceiling. On view at the Fireplace Project in East Hampton, Make it Hard comprises 16 sculptures that meld natural and synthetic fibers with plastics, metals, leathers, fur, feathers and even hair.”

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Amis de la 2CV


As we speak my dad and my mum are traveling down from Norway through Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands and Belgium for the 19th annual International “Amis de la 2CV”, in Paris. They are racing down in their 1986 2CV6 Special to try to make it to the 5 day event from July 26th to 31st.

I thought this would be a good opportunity to showcase Citroën’s biggest success story the 2CV, designed by the legendary Flaminio Bertoni.  Originally developed in the 1930s, most of the 250 prototype 2CVs were destroyed before Wold War II – with the exception of three, which were hidden to stop them falling into enemy hands. The fourth was stored by Michelin. The now iconic model was later unveiled to the public at the 1948 Salon in Paris and became one of the longest-running production cars ever conceived. Citroën produced more than five million examples of the car – including the Fourgonnette small van built on the same platform – during its 42-year run.

For the participants of the “Amis de la 2CV” they will travel down Champs-Élysées to Place de la Concord in Paris, then the trip continues on to Selbris in Central France. It’s only 2 hours away from Paris by car, and hosts some of the famous Loire valley castles as Chambord, Chenonceau, Blois and Amboise. On a 60-hectare site, the four pre-war prototypes of the 2CV’s will be shown alongside all the privately owned 2CV’s of the 6000 registered participants.  (more info)

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