“Imagine everyday what you want to create tomorrow” – Toshiaki Omori


In this little clip by Adidas, they let us catch a glimpse of one of what they call “adivisionaries”, Mr. Toshiaki Omori. He is one of the personalities/designers that have fashioned the path of the brand we know today.

Starting his career over half a century ago, Mr. Toshiaki does not consider himself a craftsman but rather a creator. Designing for Adidas since 1999, Omori is always conscious about the design process in his work. His goal to create “world-class designs” where most of his effort is placed into technique and hand-crafted skills, creating shoes without digital tools, but with the end user and developers in mind.

He is great inspiration to all designers, an example of someone that has found a job that gives him/her joy and fulfillment….a goal for everyone to achieve.

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