Barbour x Norton & Sons


I’ve always been a great admirer of British heritage wear, and to me Barbour has been the main brand leading this discipline. Recently for a Fall/Winter 2013 collaboration, they decided to join forces with the Savile Row tailors Norton & Sons. Both with a rich and extensive history, the marriage of the brands resulted in a tailored work wear that exudes both brand’s clean,authoritarian aesthetic with solid inspiration from the Barbour archives.
I do like the outcome, and the design is truly in the details, but not quite sure if the garments and the style will last for 50 years as proclaimed by the creative director Patrick Grant, but I’ll let you be the judge.

The video below takes us through the atelier and showroom used for the project, and entails its purpose and process of the collaboration.

Barbour x Norton & Sons Collaboration Preview from Marcus Troy on Vimeo.

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Born Free 5


Needless to say some of us have a fondness for motorcycles at the studio and a little less than a month ago we were able to check out Born Free 5. This was our 3rd year at the show and it has grown into a monster of a gathering, with estimated close to 200 vendors and several thousand bikes. Temps hit around the 100 mark so we were only able to snap some shots before the heat got the best of us, and we had to cool down in the shade. Here’s a few of the photos:

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Hanni El Khatib: Pay No Mind

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Mr. Mage in Intersection


Mage Design’s Owner/ Namesake, Jerome Mage is interviewed by Intersection Magazine’s Sebastien Carayol and photographed by Nikaulos Jung for their July 2013 Issue. Read the entire translated version below, including Jerome’s thoughts on motorsports, Mustangs, Carlos Molino and Fendi’s latest line of furniture… Dandy Cool – The Designer Jerome Mage Enchants With Style From the 2014 Olympic uniforms for Burton Snowboards to March LA.B; from his love of sunglasses since debuting with Spy Optic, all the way to his fresh brand, IVI; action sports companies are fighting to work with the French designer Jerome Mage, who immigrated to Los Angeles in the middle of the ‘90s. To keep him confined in this niche would be a discredit to his talent. The prodigy from Charade [France] was bred with a love for motorsports and sharp opinions on a range of topics, including: antique swords (decorating his office), the Angelino car culture, Audi’s Fascia, Fendi furniture, an addiction to Mustangs and an affinity for ‘the style’ of Jesus Christ… Intersection: What is your take on the car culture in LA? Mage: Pretty strong because I grew up near Charade Race Track- a place that welcomed the French Formula 1 Grand Prix until 1972. Also, I come from a family who not only loves racing and motorcycles but lives for it 100%. My brother was a test driver for Michelin and, until last year, my Dad would spend quite a bit of his cash to make the pilgrimage to the Nürburgring (with his 911 GT3 Porsche) every two weeks. The car culture in LA is a dream come true when you grow up with this sort of background. Intersection: What do you drive these days? Mage: I have a 1970 Mach 1 Mustang and a Shelby GT 500- the 2013 version with 650 horsepower. canada pharmacy propecia Cars in tadalafil generic L.A. are an intellectual proposition; they become an abstract representation of who you are in life. For example, nowadays to find a girl here, if you do not drive a Prius they might not look at you. Intersection: Damn, with your Shelby that must make it tough? Mage: sildenafilviagra-rxstore Yeah, girls do not really understand Mustangs; they’re not fuel efficient, they make a lot of noise and are not necessarily very friendly. They are a big “fuck you” to the world we live in; a machismo act; a rebellious choice that even auto aficionados don’t come to appreciate- they would tell you right away that an Audi S4 would be faster on a track. Shelby’s are a counterculture car. Intersection: Coming to this El Dorado, did it change your relationship to mobility? Mage: Completely. In Paris I was riding my motorcycle and I had no car. As soon as I arrived here, my dad sold my old bike for $4,000 and I used that money to buy my first Ford Mustang, a 1967 Coupe that I kept for 10 years. cheapest cialis online uk That car had a strong meaning to me- representing my departure from France and acting as a symbol of what I was seeking out in American culture. De facto, that car became a part of me. Intersection: You never tried to design automobiles? Mage: No; from the early 2000’s car design had become interesting again with a new generation of designers such as J. Mays. His redesign of the VW Beetle brought pop culture and sociological consciousness back into automobile design. That being said, if I had to work on a car my vision might w be a bit too brutalist for the time we live in. I feel very disconnected with the actual trends in car design; I am pretty allergic to them. I am surrounded by friends that love Audis and, as for myself, I am not the biggest fan. The quality of lines is subpar-, I

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find them to look like soap bars, an iPod. The car that I would love would most likely look like something out of the beginning of the century, the 20s; something very refined but with personality too. I’m thinking about iconic French carrossiers from that time, like Delahye. Intersection: What have you seen recently that had “style”? Mage: A furniture line designed for Fendi by Belgian designer Maarten de Ceulaer. Unique, stylish; designed with wonderful volumes, great colors and material application. Intersection: If there would be one person for you that represent style…? Mage: Defining style can be very ambiguous. As a style of life I would say Jesus Christ, very simply put. The most impeccable style is to have none. It’s the way you live your life and therefore a spiritual action. This stylistic dimension is the most profound. A lot more interesting than what you would say now days is a style icon like Steve McQueen, although really cool guy it can be a bit reductive.No one should really care about that. If we come back to a more terrestrial dimension, a personality like Carlos Mollino is very potent to me; the way he lived his life, his passions, photographs, automobile racing, architecture, furniture design, the outrageous decor of his home; it’s someone who best represents what I could aspire to do in my lifestyle and career. Intersection: What is your dream vehicle? Mage: I would need a garage! I would have a Citroen DS, of course some old Shelby’s from ‘67 or ‘68, a lime green fastback with white stripes… I would keep my Mach 1, and complete it with a 302 Boss and an AC Cobra. Intersection: What else? Mage: A Studebaker Avanti designed by Raymond Loewy for its unique front design, and also because Loewy was a papal figure for design and French expat. To finish, some muscle cars: a 1970 or ’71 Barracuda in purple with a white interior, a Super Bee or Daytona in Blue with black stripes. I absolutely love the decadence of the designs from the late sixties and early 70s. I grew up in a family where cars were never considered as just a meaning of transport but much more. Intersection : If you would make some more room for vehicles that would be neither cars or motorcycles? Mage: Of course some is global pharmacy canada safe bicycles- some Colnago race bikes in carbon fiber with disc brakes; and since I grew up racing BMX, probably a SE racing Quadangle from 83-84 or a Skyway TA, or even a CW Phase 1 from the mid-eighties with the Z shape frame. I only have one problem – if I buy one, I might have to buy 15.

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Without Boundaries- Shift 2014


Mage Design client, Shift MX has announced the launch of their 2014 MX line, with a full collection video release, “Without Boundaries”. The video, shot with a red camera, features team riders Josh Hansen, Chad Reed, Jeff Emig and

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Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg. “Boundaries. Most people stay inside them. Others push them, explore their limits. Then there are those who transcend them, who live and ride Without Boundaries.” See all of the new 2014 Shift MX product here:

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