Sunset Strip Circa 1970.


For the local residents of Los Angeles the Sunset Strip currently is a dry watering hole of washed up rockers still holding on to an era that they hope will one day rekindle itself and set fire to what was once the epicenter of music and California culture. Never the less, the times have changed for better or worse, worse for those who have deemed previous years as the golden ages of their music. Electronic “dance” music and half ass “indie” bands now run the streets of the strip.
Through the patient lens of photographer Robert Landau, take a glimpse at what the Sunset Strip used to be, and even more so what “music” used to be. The over abundance of billboards hasn’t changed much but the content and surroundings definitely are from another time.

The Sunset Strip in Los Angeles, California circa 1979Beatles Abbey Road BillboardPink Floyd Billboard


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