Bill Walton in the wild.


November means it’s basketball season once again and the unmistakable voice of Bill Walton on television. In his day, Walton always stood out on the court, but I had no idea he was so hip away from the game as well!

Recently I came across a great photo set on Cold Splinters, showing the more adventurous side of Bill Walton. His vintage camping gear, hiking boots and Grateful Dead shirt would right into any number of look books and style editorials this fall. Same as it ever was. I hope Walton still has that shirt in the back of his closet.

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There’s a lot of really good things going on here. From creating dyes from seed to embracing the limitations and imperfections of using found materials, there’s a full and very satisfying spectrum that goes into Maura Ambrose’s work. Above all, it’s inspiring to the rest of us who strive to find a similar quality in our own work.

Jay Caroll captured it wonderfully as part of his Made Here video series.

MADE HERE – FOLK FIBERS from Jay Carroll on Vimeo.

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Geoff McFetridge, Around Us & Between US


Very few artists so consistently surprise me as does Geoff McFetridge. With each batch of new work he seems to wittel away a little more to find a beautiful minimum of shape and form. It’s a great lesson that is slowly starting to sink into my own work. His latest work, Around Us & Between

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Us is now showing through October 26 at Ivory & Black Gallery in London.

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The “E” Word


Aaron Draplin is collector of the under appreciated, overlooked, forgotten little details of America. He’s also a foul-mouthed bear. Both of those traits are what make this video so enjoyable.

He talks about what has compelled him to collect a tremendous amount of feed and seed memo books that have inspired his current Field Notes brand. A comprehensive digital archive is being built to preserve these small

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nuggets of American, here comes that word, “ephemera” .

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West America


There are two guys in Portland, Oregon with big ideas. Jordan Hufnagel of Hufnagel Cycles and James Crowe of Crowe Metal Co share a metal fabrication shop where they spend countless hours building just about everything. But these guys know there’s much more to life than making the things other people will use to see the world. They are about to embark on a massive and undefined journey through South America aboard two motorcycles they have completely stripped down and rebuilt to meet their exact needs. The machines are impressive. The trip will be impressive.  They are two of the raddest dudes I know. The stories and photos they collect from the road will be the best part.

West America is where you can find them all. So far there are a ton of photos and a few stories of their experiences as they prepare to embark. Also available are some of the camping gear they have hand made for the trip as well as some soft goods featuring the design work of Caleb Owen Everitt.

These guys continue to be an inspiration and I wish them the best of luck on the road.

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