have been collaborating with fashion icons such as Karl Lagerfeld, Diane von Furstenberg, etc. to do limited bottle designs in Europe. This year, they had a Jean Paul Gaultier collab that DEFIANTLY reflects his signature nautical and tattoo inspired look….not everyone may follow with the designs, but the ads for them are universally hilarious!

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Beauty is Fragile.


Flowers are well-known for their fragile beauty, that wither away with the slightest lack of affection. Here is another interpretation of their fragility…quite literally.

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Jon Shireman soaked these flowers in liquid nitrogen and took photos as they shattered on impact. Their aftermath? Bittersweet glass-like pieces and shards.

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nimbus cloud nine.


As a professional day dreamer, I have spent many hours staring at clouds and being intrigued by their way of triggering the mind of endless

imagination. I have once imagined that I create a room full of fluffy clouds in which I can sleep on or formulate a room full of various weather conditions! May I introduce you to Berndnaut Smilde, the photographer who made my imagination a reality by controlling the temperature and humidity of a room. Although the conditions in the room only allow them to be present temporarily, the formation of these clouds make it hard not to dismiss the science behind it all and just take in the beauty of the moment.

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pin up portraits.


Here’s another take on the word viagra kullan?m ya?? “pin up”! Can you recognize free viagra the famous icons with just the silhouettes of how long does cialis last pins and a

pair of sunnies? viagra dosage photographer: Philip Karlberg lowest viagra prices cialis headaches remedy

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