a study in small spaces


After deciding that he needed a place of his own, Helsinki-based designer Robin Falck went about designing himself a secret getaway cabin in the woods. In order to be allowed to build without going through the planning permission process of getting a permit, the building had to be under 9 square meters in size, meaning he had to come up with a design which maximised the space.

Working alongside architect Bruno Erat, Falck came up with a plan which included windows with the right angle and size to give the interior a lot of natural light. “You can even admire the stars at night,” he says. “On the first floor I have a lounge area with a micro-kitchen. The 2nd story loft is for sleeping and storage. All the materials are local or recycled and carried to the spot by hand to keep the nature untouched. When I was done with it I named it Nido (italian for ‘birds nest’).” courtesy of HUHMagazine


nido_cabin_03 nido_cabin_02 nido_cabin_04

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Speakeasy places are popping up here and there in LA these days, and they aren’t too hard to find, but if you’re ever in Mexico city you might want to try to hunt down this place called Jules.

Enter an unnamed taco shop and make your way to the rear of the restaurant, and behind a large white commercial grade freezer is the beginning of an adventurous night. Make their way down a set of wood stairs and into the dim

space full of chic metallic finishes, a white studded bar, custom made lounge tables with large white skulls beneath them, and a uniquely arranged pyramid studded ceiling, designed by the Franco-Mexican architect, Emmanual Picault and French architect Ludwig Godefroy. Now go search for the taco shop!

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Echoes / live at pompei


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Leap – Modular Alpine Pod


Ever wanted a self-sufficient, ecological, comfortable pod shelter designed to resist extreme stress of high altitude, entirely prefabricated and assembled off-site and  just dropped on your favorite mountain? Then the Leap modular Alpine Pod might just be the thing you’re looking for. After an intense hike/climb, you might want to acclimate at a couple thousand feet and enjoy the beautiful view before returning down to civilization and madness. For concepts and more info check out Leap

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