Ha! Take that!

Just kidding….really though, I am referring to the film entitled Douchebag which is playing at Sundance right now and which stars a friend of mine, Ben York Jones (the non-douche with the glasses pictured below).  I also make my big screen debut in this movie as something like “party extra 22″… just look for my name in the credits, not sure if you’ll actually be able to see me on screen



From what I have gathered, the movie is about 2 estranged brothers who hate each other and are reunited before one of them is about to get married.  They end up going on some road-trip together, giving them plenty of bonding time, and time for the audience to find out the brother about to get married is a total douchebag.  It is supposed to be “quiet” and “touching” with plenty of “awkward, relatable humor”.  I am very curious to see it, but alas I am not in Park City, Utah right now, so I am going to have to wait and see if they get any kind of distribution deal and then go see it in theatres when it comes out as “Mean Guy” or “Bro-trip”.  If you are, however, at Sundance, go see it!  And if you want to read/ see more about it click on the links I hooked you up with below.

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I haven’t written anything on the blog for a substantial stretch of time and the reason is that rewarding fashion
subjects have been missing from my life. The month of August is a slow movement in fashion terms, lightly punctuated
by news of September and future events. I’ve been waiting for the specific detail which will keep the story alive but the territory has been seriously lacking in fulfilling editorials, news and style

Check out the Collins watch from the Quiksilver Young Guns collection, We’ve been told its sicker than the swine flu… you can find it at your local surf/skate/snow shop now!

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Rising up out of the Los Angeles asphalt like a pagan god, the 440 cubic inch-motivated Vulcan is the final result of a hell of a lot of heavy lifting and muscle coordination. Breathed to life by Mage Design in a dark alley in Hollywood, California, with the spark of an arc, the  Vulcan welds together classic, full-on American muscle car myth, folklore and big block horsepower with the fluid lines, grace and panache of the 1960s-era French Citroens. And whether it be wrinkling the greasy concrete of Fairfax and Melrose, inspiring fear into all those who crowd the I-405, or sand blasting the beaches of the South Bay, the bolt straining, “police on my back” Vulcan is the gasoline pissing, bolt spitting overlord of all things Southern California. Pay up. The landlord’s in town.

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…THAN A HUNDRED AS A SHEEP. Lurking in the shadows or ripping apart its prey the Tiger dominates the Jungle. With wicked force it overtakes and consumes all it desires, leaving only scraps for the scavengers. Burton / Restricted Tiger Print by Mage Design.

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