David Bailey


Last week Launch of the David Bailey’s One limited gear was a great success…..also a great time and a great way to catch up with friends like Marc Blanchard, Vicki redding or Mitchell Bailey. Featuring David Bailey himself presenting the ultra Cool Limited Edition gear and helmet. We are very proud to have been part of this project where the proceeds will help injured MX riders.

The Gear is inspired by David’s own from 1986 and sports the original color combo, neon orange and royal blue. Ivan Tedesco proudly displayed it during the Anaheim II supercross.

We have worked over the last 4 years on 3 different variations of the gear itself, somehow the project finally came to life and was launched at the Oakley headquarter.

In case you wonder why Spy is using the color Orange…the reason is David bailey, I grew up idolizing him as the ultimate MX rider, style and speed. His orange gear became his trademark and Orange became the color I used everywhere….including Spy trademark color.






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