Ha! Take that!

Just kidding….really though, I am referring to the film entitled Douchebag which is playing at Sundance right now and which stars a friend of mine, Ben York Jones (the non-douche with the glasses pictured below).  I also make my big screen debut in this movie as something like “party extra 22″… just look for my name in the credits, not sure if you’ll actually be able to see me on screen



From what I have gathered, the movie is about 2 estranged brothers who hate each other and are reunited before one of them is about to get married.  They end up going on some road-trip together, giving them plenty of bonding time, and time for the audience to find out the brother about to get married is a total douchebag.  It is supposed to be “quiet” and “touching” with plenty of “awkward, relatable humor”.  I am very curious to see it, but alas I am not in Park City, Utah right now, so I am going to have to wait and see if they get any kind of distribution deal and then go see it in theatres when it comes out as “Mean Guy” or “Bro-trip”.  If you are, however, at Sundance, go see it!  And if you want to read/ see more about it click on the links I hooked you up with below.

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