Hugh Holland – Locals only; the birth of Skateboarding


The Oklahoma born Hugh Holland has documented skateboarders in southern Cali since 1975, and except for a college job working in a photo lab he had no formal art education. After a trip to Spain in 1968 he settled down in West Hollywood as an antique finisher and began his career as a serious phtotographer. His first encounter with skateboarders was when driving up Laurel Canyon Blvd one late afternoon in 1975. He saw some boys carving up the the drainage ditches along the canyon and knew that he had found his subject. For the next three years, he breathed and lived for capturing the skate culture. However, by 1978 the scene became too comercialized and the documentation came to its natural end. You can check out some of his other pictures, history and exhibitions at this website.

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