MARCH LA.B Process


Producing an high-end  timepiece can be a grueling process, 2 years of work and hard labor. The process is surely not limited to the design and creative aspect, the final product only happens with the dedication of numerous people from engineers, factory manager, seamstresses, prototypist, quality expert, watchmaker….. Myself and “El Presidente” Mr Alain Marhic himself visited Switzerland 2 weeks ago to round up production issues before the summer break and I am always bewildered by the number of person and hands  it takes to make a timepiece happen….

Visiting a factory is a good reminder of the dedication of all those artisans to quality and impeccable production, we are grateful to work with such talented crafstman.

Here are a couple of photos of our trip and of the people and personalities behind the fantastic swiss made label…..


All photos by the ever talented Dimitri Coste…..

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