Nicolas & Christophe


Today ‘s Balenciaga and Balmain show bring some much welcome fashion relief.

Balenciaga and Nicolas continue to experiment and push things forward with a Unique mix of industrial, scientific, computer-generated ideas that is very desperately needed in a blink fashion world dominated by styling, where everyone has forgotten what designing means and in place is using and abusing themed styled runway.

On the other Side the House of Balmain with Christophe Decarnin provided also a much needed “Fuck you All” to the absurd trend of Sober and Heritage. Someone had to kick this trend in the nuts and Christophe did, sending all this sober/Muted/Awful army of Chloe and Celine unsexy look to rest in burning Hell with their respectful horrendous women English designers that are trying to turn our beautiful  girlfriends into military nuns.  The Show was a gone Baroque ‘n’ roll somewhere between Prince’s Purple Rain pomp and Louis XIV at Versailles. Gold, brocade, frock coats, Louis-heeled ribbon-laced boots, sequin and lamé dresses galore: Decarnin went for it and flashed as much leg and bosom as possible. We all Approved. Beautiful and a great relief again form the boredom of everyone else.

Thank God for both of them from the bottom of our hearts at Mage Design!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!

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