Reindeer Pavillion


The recently completed “Norwegian wild reindeer centre pavilion” in Dorve, Norway by Oslo-based design office Snøhetta has been shortlisted by the world architecture festival for an award in the display category. The 90 square meter observation pavilion is positioned within the Dovrefjell-Sunndalsfjella national park, the remaining home to wild reindeer herds. The structure provides transient visitors with covered panoramic view of the prominent mountain range.

Images by Klaas Van Ommeren

Reminiscent of rock forms slowly eroded by wind and water processes, the southern facade creates outdoor seating warmed by the sun’s rays. It is constructed with Norwegian shipbuilding techniques in conjunction with advanced fabrication processes and machines, individual 10 inch square wooden beams were milled and assembled with pegs to produce the waving effect. A rigid rectangular frame with rusted steel seamlessly blends into the surrounding landscape while the saturated pine tar treatment of the exterior planks announces it’s presence to mountain hikers……….but who cleans those windows?

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