Walter Albini


absolutely cannot wait for this book:

“The imagination to power Walter Albini and his time” is not just a book about the life of Walter Albini, but a large “fresco” of a crucial moment in which Albini was a supporter and protagonist, that  marks the passing of the atelier and the affirmation of a serial fashion and industrial production that can be reached by most. Born in Busto Arsizio in 1941, he completed his studies of art in Turin then moved to Paris, where he remained dazzled by Coco Chanel after meeting her.

Soon thereafter, he began working with Mariuccia Mandelli, and at Krizia he became familiar with the industrial techniques applied to knitwear and yarn. His big break came in 1972: Albini worked simultaneously for five independent Italian fashion companies. It becomes clear for him that he must abandon the idea of the atelier of the 50’s and envision a new way to design and produce. Albini created clothing and fabric, always striving for a unity of style. He never ceases to amaze, choosing in 1977 an exhibition of clothes on panels: twelve outfits belonging to friends, photographers, artists, whose personal care styling, once again becoming a vanguard of the times. He always chose unusual locations for his fashion shows: the Cafe Florian in Venice, the gardens in the south of Rome, a restaurant in the Brera neighborhood in Milan. A proponent of the total look, he himself put it into practice by drawing with parallel styles of fabrics, furniture, glass and objects. Many constants mark his style: from the beloved Gastby look, declined in both unisex and androgynous versions, to the shirt-jackets and bicolor shoes and early amphibians. He invented the perfection of style well in advance, leaving a timeless legacy.





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