Alan Turing Edition Monopoly


An Alan Turing Edition Monopoly set has now been officially launched by Bletchley Park, the place where Turing worked for the Government Code and Cypher School (GCCS) at Bletchley Park, Britain’s code breaking centre, during World War II.

In this special edition of Monopoly, the squares around the board and revised Chance and Community Chest cards tell the story of Alan Turing’s life along with key elements of the original hand-drawn board, which the great mathematician played on with a young William in the early 1950s – and lost.

Turing is perhaps best known for his part in breaking the Nazis’ Enigma code with the team at Bletchley Park, but as you well know his other largest legacy is having created the mathematical models during his time at King’s College, Cambridge, that went on to become one of the cornerstones of computer science. As a small tribute to this fact Google have kindly bought the first 1,000 units as a donation to the Bletchley Park Trust.

Hopefully a little something to make you smile as you read this blog post on your Turing machine!

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