not my cup of tea, but you have to appreciate the craftsmanship of mb&f’s hm2-sv. the sapphire lens/plate alone takes 55 hours to produce. only 25 available. start saving your lunch money kids.

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An open letter to mall Santas


Dear Mall Santas,

A couple of things….First, masks are scary! Really scary!  If you don’t look like Santa, you’re in the wrong line of work.  Do not wear a mask thinking that it will make you look more like Santa.  It makes you look like the crazed killer in a horror flick.  And kids don’t really react positively to that.


Second, for the rest of you non-mask-wearing-mall-Santas, have some pride, gentlemen!  Pull yourselves together!  Clean yourselves up a bit….the devil is in the details.


More sketchy Santa goodness here.   Have a Very Merry!

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