Robert Montgomery:

What interests me in working anonymously is that people encounter it without knowing its art.
They know its not advertising, and its not graffiti either and they do not need an art history knowledge to read it. I’m super-interested in the ordinary person at the bus stop getting on the bus to their job everyday and suddenly seeing this weird text. I’m interested in reaching those people. They are my primary audience.

DD: What do you hope to engender in the member of the public who happens upon your statements?
Rob Montgomery: Just recognition hopefully – I’m trying to write about our collective unconscious in public space. Let’s say I’m trying to write about what it feels like on the inside to live in “Late-Capitalism” as Theodore Adorno and Frederic Jameson would call it. What it feels like to live in our cities, what it feels like to live with our privilege of wealth and our poverty of time, our privilege of material goods and our poverty of reflection, our anxiety as the systems of economy and ecology we rely on falter, revealing economic injustice and a future that’s more fragile than we thought.


“It’s made from recycled sunlight – the sculpture recycles sunlight to illuminate itself, as a metaphor for what we do when we remember someone we love.”

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