‘Betsy’ The Wonder Dog


I quote lots of unusual facts to my friends (much to their annoyance), and I often end up having to find books, articles, internet videos to back up my claims. I have found very little use for my fact collections until now, however interesting blog posts may be the outlet for my obsessions. One of the subjects I am obsessed with is dogs, their domestication, intelligence, and their interaction with humans. The following is a clip from a British documentary “The Secret Life of the Dog”, presenting an Austrian Border Collie with some amazing abilities. ‘Betsy’ can distinguish objects by name, has a vocabulary of over 340 words, and most amazingly of all, can demonstrate abstract thinking by relating physical symbols, such as scale models, to represent a larger object. I have a soft spot for Border Collies, and German Shepherds, after being around them both a lot when I was a kid, so this dog really captures my interest. Contact me for many more ‘interesting’ dog facts.

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